Physical Attack +81
Physical Crit Hit +50

Required pirate level: 79

Obtained by synthesizing Ghost Umbrella Blueprint(50 fragments to make one, costs 15000 beli) +1 Shodai Kitetsu +1 Shusui and costs 36000 beli.

Ghost Umbrella Blueprint Fragment can be obtained from Adventure mode normal or elite missions:
There are currently no missions where you can obtain this from, but maybe you can get lucky enough to obtain them through Arena, Takoyaki Store, Level 5.5 Store, or Grand Line. Otherwise, you will have to wait until more chapters are released.

Ghost Umbrella Blueprint has a rare chance to spawn in the Arena/Grand Line store, and costs 5100 arena/grand line coins.

Ghost Umbrella Blueprint Fragment can also spawn in the Shop as 3 fragments, and cost 1200 beli.