If you get confused on the images and names of each swords, you can look here to better remember them. Short description for each one is given, regarding their role in the anime One Piece.

SWORD 1Sword

SOUL SOLID 1Soul Solid used by Brook.

THROWING KNIFE 1Throwing Knife used by Buggy.

KUKRI 1Kukri used by Helmeppo.

YUBASHIRI 1Yubashiri given to Zoro at Loguetown and destroyed at Enies Lobby.

FUNKFREED 1Funkfreed used by Spandam, leader of CP9.

VISTAS SWORDS 1Vista's Swords used by Vista, 5th division commander of the Whitebeard Pirates.

SHUSUI 1Shusui given to Zoro by Ryuma, at Thriller Bark.

NODACHI 1Nodachi used by Shillew, former warden of Impel Down.

DURANDAL 1Durandal used by Cavendish, the Super Rookie.

SHODAI KITETSU 1Shodai Kitetsu cursed sword of the supreme grade, best sword of the Kitetsu series.

KASHU 1Kashu stolen from Mr. 11 by Tashigi.

SHIGURE 1Shigure used by Tashigi, the subordinate of Smoker.

OTO 1Oto used by Shiki, first using his hands, and later used to replace his feet.

SANDAI KITETSU 1Sandai Kitetsu cursed sword given to Zoro at Loguetown

KOGARASHI 1Kogarashi used by Shiki, first using his hands, and later used to replace his feet.

SHICHISEIKEN 1Shichiseiken cursed sword that grants immense power, used by Saga.

KINEMONS SWORD 1Kinemon's Sword used by Kinemon, this sword can summon flames.

KIKOKU 1Kikoku This very long sword is used by Law to help him cut enemies from large distances, with the help of his own devil fruit abilities.

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